Recipients of the CPS sholarship 2022:

Inga Martkoplishvili

My name is Inga Martkoplishvili and I am an early career Scientist from the Paleoanthropology and Paleobiology Research Institute of the Georgian National Museum. My PhD is about “Edible and medicinal plants from the Upper Paleolithic to Bronze Age on the territory of Georgia according to palynological study”. I am working on archaeological material and mainly studying Human activities in past life, doing a reconstruction of paleoenvironment, climate etc. based on Palynological and NPP analysis.

I applied for this scholarship to cover some of the travel expenses to EPPC 2022 in Stockholm from 19-23 June. The conference was very interesting and impressive where I presented a poster with the title " Textile fabrication and dyeing during the Bedeni Period based on the results of palynological and NPP research of artefacts on the territory of Georgia".

During the poster presentation, I had the opportunity to discuss my results with several conference participants; this was very stimulating. Also, I had the opportunity to attend very interesting presentations. It has been a great experience and I have met a lot of new people and had many interesting discussions and also the opportunity to see Stockholm, which was very beautiful, especially the welcome dinner in Stockholm City Hall.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the CPS for granting me this scholarship. The 15 000 SEK of the CPS scholarship were used to cover the conference fee, travel expenses from Tbilisi to Stockholm and back, accommodation and food in Stockholm, and the printing cost of the poster.

Inga Martkoplishvili, Tbilisi

Christian Geier

My name is Christian Geier and I am a PhD student from the University of Vienna. The topic of my PhD project is the flower-insect-interaction from the Eocene to Oligocene of Central Europe. During the next three years I will investigate in-situ and adhered pollen from fossil flowers and insects of the three German localities of Messel, Eckfeld and Enspel.

The 11th EPPC in Stockholm was the very first scientific conference I ever attended. And quite frankly it could not have been better! It was a great opportunity to introduced myself the scientific community of palynology and paleobotany. Being able to give a talk myself was very honouring and an experience I will remember the rest of my life.

It was such a pleasure listening to the talks, viewing countless posters and chatting to other students and scientists from all over the world. I connected to so many interesting people, made friends and had the opportunity to meet some of the leading experts in their fields.

Besides the conference I had the opportunity to experience the city of Stockholm which is lovely during the longest days of the year. Another highlight was the reception at the City Hall, with a fabulous dinner in the golden room and an amazing guided tour. Stepping on the same floor where freshly baked Nobel laureates walk was an otherworldly experience. The whole trip was closed by the conference dinner in the shadow of the very impressive Vasa ship.

I'm so grateful to the CPS for granting me the 15.000 SEK scholarship. It covered all expenses including flight, accommodation, the conference fee as well as public transportation and food in Stockholm.

Christian Geier, Vienna