Recipient of the CPS sholarship 2014: Johannes Bouchal

Johannes Bouchal, University of Vienna and Swedish Museum of Natural History, receives this years' scholarship to cover travel expenses for the 7th EPPC conference in Padova, Italy, in late August 2014.

Johannes Bouchal is a PhD student at the University of Vienna and Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, Stockholm. His PhD project started in April 2014. Johannes is working on Miocene palynofloras of south-western Turkey. The main focus of his research lies on the macrofossil-rich lignite opencast mines of the Yatağan basin. The aims of his study are (i) to comprehensively document the palynoflora using LM and SEM, (ii) to group taxa into representative vegetation units, and (iii) to reconstruct the palaeoenvironment.

From 26-31 August, the 9th EPPC was held in Padova, Italy. For me it was the first congress exclusively focused on Palaeobotany and Palynology. This congress was an ideal opportunity for meeting colleagues, discussing my preliminary results with experts in different fields and getting new impulses for my research. I attended several interesting sessions and talks.

During the congress, a CPS meeting was held and I had the chance to meet the present CPS members and the CPS board in person.

Johannes presenting his poster.
Johannes presenting his poster.

At this congress, I presented a poster with the title "An overview of the palynoflora of the Miocene Yatağan basin, Turkey". During the poster presentation, I had the opportunity to discuss my results with several congress participants; this was very stimulating. I also gave a talk in session 23 "Oligocene to Pleistocene vegetation oft he Eastern Mediterranean". Title of my talk was "A preliminary report on a combined method study of the palynoflora of the Miocene Yatağan basin, Turkey".

I want to take this opportunity to thank the CPS for granting me this scholarship. It made my participation to this congress possible and opened up new opportunities, new insights and new acquaintances.

The 10 000 SEK of the CPS scholarship were used to cover the conference fee, travel expenses from Stockholm to Padova and back, accommodation and food in Padova, and the printing cost of the poster.

Johannes M. Bouchal, Stockholm