Recipient of the CPS sholarship 2019: Suzanne Pultz

My name is Suzanne Pultz and I am a Master student from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources of the University of Copenhagen. I applied for this scholarship for covering some of the travel expenses to AASP 52nd Annual Meeting 2019 in the beginning of July in Gent. My Master project started in September 2016, with Christoph Korte and Sofie Lindström as supervisors. My thesis has been delayed as I had to take some leave of absence but it will be defended in September 2019. The focus for my study is palynology (pollen, spores and dinoflagellates) from Toarcian to Bathonian in Se France, SW Germany and SW Sweden. The pollen and spores are grouped into taxa and family plants with preferred condition. Besides this study, I have also produced carbon isotopes from bulk rocks from SW Germany to compare it with the results of palynology and thereby reconstruct the palaeoenvironment and palaeoclimatic conditions.

The conference was held in the Het Pand University of Gent in Belgium from the 31st of June to the 5th of July including a two-day Field Trip to the Northeastern France. This was my first Conference with focus on Palaeobotany and Palynology and my first oral presentation at a Conference. My talk had the title “Middle Jurassic palaeoenvironmental events in Europe – evidence from palynology and carbon isotopes“.

It was very interesting to join the conference, which gave me an opportunity to represent my project, meet colleagues, some of the CPS members, and to hear experiences from other students as well. The participation to this conference and the two-day post-fieldtrip also opened up for new insights and new acquaintances.

The first night after Ice breaker, Julia Gravendyck had organized an Early Carrier night in a restaurant for all the Bachelor-, Master- and PhD students with free dinner and drinks. We were placed into groups matching the time we are working with and thereby share experiences and so on with one another.

I am very thankful to CPS for granting me this scholarship of 10 000 SEK, which was used to cover the conference fee and accommodation in Gent. The whole week was very successful with several interesting talks and the two-day post-fieldtrip. We drove to the Northern France to see the beautiful geology of the Boulonnais area and the first stop was at Aire des Deux Caps with overview of the whole area. The first day we looked at outcrops from Late Jurassic and collected fossils. Day two, we drove to Strousanne and looked at outcrops from the Early Cretaceous and collected several fossils. The fieldtrip was arranged by Dr. Stephen Louwye and Dr. Frank Gelaude, and the weather was sunny and almost 30° C.

Suzanne Pultz, Copenhagen