CPS is the largest network of Scandinavian palynologists. As a member, you will receive news in scientific palynology, announcements of relevant job opportunities/positions, conferences, meetings, new projects, developments, publications and other information.

Membership in CPS is free and everyone from Scandinavia and beyond working in the wide field of palynology can become a member.

CPS operates a well-organised webpage as a platform to keep people in touch and informed. Permanently updated information, contact data, conference and meeting opportunities, new publications, job announcments and much more will be provided to keep a refreshing and innovative network among Scandinavian palynologists alive. Important news and information will also be sent out via e-mail at irregular intervals.

The webpage is somewhat 'mutual' and it stays fresh and lives also from what you provide or supply. There are several categories where you can provide data, information, announce positions, theses, project work, conferences, seek for support in scientific topics; students can search for theses, projects, support or potential supervisors, ask colleagues, etc.

CPS accounts for the publication of the scientific journal GRANA. For members, who have no access to GRANA at their home institution or library, our publisher, Taylor & Francis, offers a strongly reduced price for a personal subscription at their webpage.

CPS members will regularly receive an electronic copy of the palynological newsletter PALYNOS for free.

Student members can apply for grants/scholarships covering travel costs and other expenses for international palynological meetings.

Members of CPS are automatically members of the International Federation of Palynological Societies (IFPS).


How to become a member?

Send your enquiry by e-mail or contact Christian Pott.