The Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum (CPS) is a society of palynologists in the Scandinavian countries. CPS was established in 1969 by Professor Gunnar Erdtman and a group of Nordic palynologists with the aim to stimulate the interest for palynology and to coordinate palynological research in the Nordic countries.

The association was also to ensure the continuity and edition of the journal Grana Palynologica (now GRANA) and the World Pollen and Spore Flora (WPSF).

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GRANA, Vol. 57, 2018. No. 3


Yunyun Shao & Fengxia Xu

Studies on pollen morphology of selected species of Annonaceae from Thailand - 161–177


Jens G. Rohwer

A contribution to the pollen morphology of the Cryptocarya group (Lauraceae) - 178–213


Soheila Mohammadrezakhani, Jafar Hajilou & Farkhondeh Rezanejad

Evaluation of phenolic and flavonoid compounds in pollen grains of three Citrus species in response to low temperature - 214–222


Beverley Adams-Groom

Assessment of pollen assemblages on footwear for evidence of pollen deriving from a mock crime scene: a contribution to forensic palynology - 223–234


Cátia Ionara Santos Lucas, Weliton Carlos De Andrade, Adailton Freitas Ferreira, Geni Da Silva Sodré, Carlos Alfredo Lopes De Carvalho, Maria Angélica Pereira de Carvalho Costa & Cândida Maria Lima Aguiar

Pollen types from colonies of Melipona scutellaris Latreille, 1811 (Hymenoptera: Apidae) established in a coffee plantation - 235–245


Reyes Luelmo-Lautenschlaeger, José Antonio López-Sáez & Sebastián Pérez-Díaz

39. Las Lanchas, Toledo Mountains (central Spain) - 246–248


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