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The Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum (CPS) is a society of palynologists in the Scandinavian countries. CPS was established in 1969 by Professor Gunnar Erdtman and a group of Nordic palynologists with the aim to stimulate the interest for palynology and to coordinate palynological research in the Nordic countries.

The association was also to ensure the continuity and edition of the journal Grana Palynologica (now GRANA) and the World Pollen and Spore Flora (WPSF).

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GRANA is an international journal of palynology and aerobiology published under the auspices of the Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum (CPS) in affiliation with the International Association for Aerobiology (IAA).

GRANA articles appear online prior to the printed issue once they are in publication format. Click the 'latest articles' tab on GRANA's website at T&F.

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Current issue

Vol. 59, 2020, No. 4


Cynthia Fernandes Pinto Da Luz , Lia de Oliveira Barbuglio-Santiago , Ana Rita G. Simões , Jonathan Henrique Da Silva , Valéria Leobina Dos Santos & Mizue Kirizawa

Pollen morphology of Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae) from the Atlantic Forest in southeast Brazil (São Paulo) with a contribution to the systematics of Neotropical species - 239–257


Hua Zhang , Qiuchi Wan , Zhuo Zheng , Haicheng Wei & Kangyou Huang

Modern pollen rain, vegetation and climate along elevation gradients in the upper-middle Yellow River: numerical approaches for quantitative environmental reconstruction - 258–272


Kamilla Ingred Castelan Vieira , Cynthia Fernandes Pinto da Luz , Adriana de Oliveira Fidalgo , Nayara Couto Moreira & Helder Canto Resende

Floral resources used by Tetragonisca angustula (Latreille 1811) in areas under the influence of the breach of the Fundão Dam in Mariana (Minas Gerais, Brazil) - 273–303


Alinne Costa Cavalcante Rezende , Maria Lucia Absy , Marcos Gonçalves Ferreira & Helyde Albuquerque Marinho

Honey botanical origin of stingless bees (Apidae Meliponini) in the Nova América community of the Sateré Mawé indigenous tribe, Amazon, Brazil - 304–318



CPS is proud original constitution member of the IFPS – the International Federation of Palynological Societies. The IFPS recently has uploaded a new website.

The website's background image by Friðgeir Grímsson shows a choice of pollen taxa from the Middle Miocene of the Lavanttal Basin, Austria. Many of these have already been published in GRANA. For more information, please visit Friðgeirs website.