The Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum (CPS) is a society of palynologists in the Scandinavian countries. CPS was established in 1969 by Professor Gunnar Erdtman and a group of Nordic palynologists with the aim to stimulate the interest for palynology and to coordinate palynological research in the Nordic countries.

The association was also to ensure the continuity and edition of the journal Grana Palynologica (now GRANA) and the World Pollen and Spore Flora (WPSF).

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GRANA, Vol. 58, 2019, No. 2


Friðgeir Grímsson, Bonnie F. Jacobs, Johan L. C. H. Van Valkenburg, Jan J. Wieringa, Alexandros Xafis, Neil Tabor, Aaron D. Pan & Reinhard Zetter

Sclerosperma fossils from the late Oligocene of Chilga, north-western Ethiopia - 81–98


Friðgeir Grímsson, Johan L.C.H. van Valkenburg, Jan J. Wieringa, Alexandros Xafis, Bonnie F. Jacobs & Reinhard Zetter

Pollen morphology of the African Sclerosperma (Arecaceae) - 99–113


Ren-Yong Yu, Raymond van der Ham & Peter C. van Welzen

Pollen morphology of Trigonostemon and its relatives (Euphorbiaceae) - 114–128


Yangying Gan & Fengxia Xu

The coexistence of binucleate and trinucleate pollen in Mitrephora macclurei Weerasooriya & R. M. K (Annonaceae) - 129–132


Vinod Prasad Khanduri, Kewat Sanjay Kumar, Chandra Mohan Sharma, Manoj Kumar Riyal & Kalpataru Kar

Pollen limitation and seed set associated with year-to-year variation in flowering of Gmelina arborea in a natural tropical forest - 133–143


Vanessa Ribeiro Matos & Francisco de Assis Ribeiro Dos Santos

Melissopalynology in an area of Atlantic Forest (northeast region, Brazil) - 144–155

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