The Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum (CPS) is a society of palynologists in the Scandinavian countries. CPS was established in 1969 by Professor Gunnar Erdtman and a group of Nordic palynologists with the aim to stimulate the interest for palynology and to coordinate palynological research in the Nordic countries.

The association was also to ensure the continuity and edition of the journal Grana Palynologica (now GRANA) and the World Pollen and Spore Flora (WPSF).

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GRANA, Vol. 55, 2016. No. 4

S. Sánchez-del Pino, S. Fuentes-Soriano, K. Z. Solis-Fernández, R. Pool and R. Alfaro

The metareticulate pollen morphology of Alternanthera Forssk. (Gomprhenoideae, Amaranthaceae) and its taxonomic implications - 253–277


M. Del Carmen Zamaloa and C. A. Fernández

Pollen morphology and fossil record of the feathery mistletoe family Misodendraceae - 278–285


B. A. Bell and W. J. Fletcher

Modern surface pollen assemlages from the Middle and High Atlas, Morocco: insights into pollen representation and transport - 286–301


L. Xiao, Q. Yang, H. He, J. Zhao, C. Ye, Y. Wu and B. Han

An improved method für pollen release from anther: a case study with mangroves - 302–310


O. Volkova, E. Severova and M. Nosova

Six years of observation of airborne and deposited pollen in central European Russia: first results - 311–318





Corrigendum - 319

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